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The fruition of an E-Course...


Spring 2024

Your Instructor





I decided to create an E-Course to help guide you to be the coolest landlord, the dopest host/cohost and or property manager. This course will provide you with the tools and detailed steps to get started in rental properties, how to research/pick your market, budgeting, planning phase, branding, marketing, social media, renovations, listing copy, staging, going live, customer service, house hacking strategies and so much more!

The E-Course will focus on midterm rental branding and strategy. However, the secret sauce I share, you can implement them to short term and long term rentals.

Hi there, Jeanalin here! I am a sophisticated real estate investor, but my focus and passion is providing an elevated rental experience. I self-manage our long-term rental, midterm rental, and curated a portfolio of 15 properties for an investor ranging from short term, midterm, and long term. I always share my journey through managing all these properties on social media and a lot of people would reach out asking for advice. This is where I knew I needed to create an e-course to jam pack all my knowledge I was able to learn while creating my own rental portfolio and helping an investor build his. As a Superhost on Airbnb, I takes pride in curating an elevated experistay and want to share what I learned with the world.

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Curating an Elevated Midterm Rental Experistay



Basic Tier - Price TBD - Includes all access to E-Courses, bonus content, and private Facebook Page.

Boujee Tier - Price TBD - Includes all access to E-Courses, private Facebook Page, bonus content, SOP's, templates, and a 1 hour private consultation. 


Be the first to know when our E-Course launches. The first 10 people get FREE access to the Boujee Tier Package. We just ask that you give honest feedback to help us grow and provide a valuable e-course. Thank you!!!


Thanks for registering!

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