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Here We Go Ya'll!!!

So incredibly grateful for Clubhouse to have our paths cross with Dr. Fred Jones. I bought his elite course for The Bestseller Overnight. He’ll be our mentor with helping us launch our vision of writing a children’s book course series on finances. Today was our first zoom call meeting. We were only booked for 30 minutes. However, we went a little over an hour. I cannot express my gratitude that he took the time to listen and help me iron out the details.

I let him know that over the past few years, God has been downloading nuggets to me to write a children’s book. Originally I wanted to write a children’s cook book since my mom, who passed away, loved to cook. But God had other plans and I was getting inklings to do it on finances.

There will be 10 children’s books with courses and it’ll be based on our little family. The purpose of the books are to inspire families and their children to help find their purpose while creating an unlimited life of abundance. Without going into too much details on the books. I am extremely excited to have 2 of the 10 books written. I hired an artist on Fiverr but I may need to hire again since the quality is not specifically what I was looking for. I want someone who believes in our mission and vision to really capture the emotions through illustrations in these children’s books. So if you know anyone or recommend someone on Fiverr, that would be awesome.

The next step for us is to do some homework for Dr. Fred Jones. Crank out the content for the book series and find an artist. It’ll be a lot of learning curves and long days ahead. But I am looking forward to the challenge, which is exciting! Thanks for following our journey and remember to Dream Big ya’ll!

Peep out Dr. Fred Jones at

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